Two big dicks for two wet pussies!

This was incredible! This was one of my hottest experiences ever! I licked the sperm of the guy who fucked my girlfriends face – right out of her mouth!!! And vice versa!!! My sweet girlfriend and I caught two hot guys at the bar. We had to do business in Berlin so we rented a nice hotel room. We were a little bit drunken and don’t waited very long and put their dicks out of their pants and started to make them hard. They were really surprised! 🙂 Our two pussies were dripping wet and we couldn’t wait any longer – We wanted to be fucked by those big cocks! Their hard sticks entered our pussies in no time and fucked us unbelievable hard and tough! Then we could not wait any longer: We wanted their hot sperm on us! So cum right into our faces – and we start to lick and kiss each other! This was sooo incredible!!! But just find it out on your own and get the clip… but don’t tell it mom…

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